Are Crooked Corners of Your Mouth a Problem You Should Correct?

Posted on 11/30/2018 by Dr. Reeder
Are Crooked Corners of Your Mouth a Problem You Should Correct?There are some people who like to see what they call a crooked little smile. If the smile is a result of crooked corners of the mouth, they may want to rethink it.

Some people worry that having crooked corners of the mouth, although they may look cute to some people, could cause them problems. They wonder if it is something they need to correct. The answer is not always clear.

What Can Cause Crooked Corners?

The most common reason that a person has crooked corners of the mouth is a weakness in the muscles in that area. The muscles on one side of the mouth may not have the strength of the muscles on the other side. Instead of having symmetry, the corners of the mouth appear crooked due to the weakness.

Many people do not even realize that one side is weaker than the others and they only notice the crooked corners when they look in the mirror or a picture. They often can correct the problem when they smile because they are working the muscles differently at that time.

A second reason for corroded corners of the mouth is the alignment of the teeth. If there is a problem with the alignment, it could lead to a person compensating with their mouth and the result is crooked corners.

What to Fix

The question about whether to correct crooked corners on the mouth depends on the person and the problem that is causing the crooked corners. If it is a result of weak muscles, it is possible that a person can change the way they chew or make other minor changes to their habits that can help strengthen the muscles and can eliminate the problem.

If the crooked corners are a result of the alignment of the teeth, then correcting it can help in other areas. Having teeth that are in alignment helps with the bite and helps prevent other problems. In this case, it is worth a visit to our office to see what the options are to correct this problem.

There are some people who can live with the crooked corners of the mouth and there are others that want to have that perfect look in the mirror. Before deciding to live with crooked corners or to do something to correct it, come and visit our offices to find out the reasons for the problem. That knowledge can help you make the right choice for your oral health.

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