What to Do if You Have a Cracked Tooth

Posted on 8/30/2018 by Dr. Reeder
What to Do if You Have a Cracked ToothEven though the enamel that covers your teeth is the strongest tissue, it can still be broken, chipped and cracked. Whether you cracked a tooth on something you ate, by chewing on a pencil or something traumatic like a fall, or sports injury, we're here to help.

Leaving a cracked tooth alone is never a good idea. Even if the crack or chip is small, it compromises the enamel of your tooth and makes it easier for plaque and bacteria to get in. This of course can lead to tooth decay, bone loss, and even tooth loss so getting it taken care of is important.

Different Types of Cracked Teeth

Not all cracked teeth are created equal, and depending on the crack, we will work with you to determine what treatment is best for you and your mouth.

•  Tiny cracks that only affect the outer enamel are called craze lines. They're more common in adults and generally are not a concern other than aesthetically. They are shallow and painless, but they can hold stains and make your teeth appear discolored.
•  A Fractured Cusp is when a small piece of the chewing surface breaks off of a tooth. These generally do not cause much pain, but food can get stuck and it can cause bacteria, so it's good to come in and let us look at it.
•  There are cracks that begin at the root of the tooth and extend toward the crown, these are called Vertical Root Fractures. While there are not many signs or symptoms, the surrounding bone and gums can become infected.
•  A cracked tooth that doesn't get treated can result in a split tooth. Unfortunately, once a tooth has split with two distinct segments, it cannot be saved.

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, please don't hesitate to give us a call and let us help you get back on the road to good oral health.

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